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Agriturist reports crisis in the Agriturismi sector

Hard times for hospitality sector

Agriturist reports crisis in the Agriturismi sector, unfortunately, the hotel industry has been hit hard in the last few months. But in particular the Agriturismo are facing a crisis never seen before. Usually the Agriturismo is that form of holiday different from the usual, you are looking for relaxing places in the middle of nature, away from the traffic of the city, to immerse yourself in a unique experience. It has been estimated losses close to one billion euros in 2020 alone. Moreover, thanks to the study made by Coldiretti, of the 24 thousand Agriturismi present throughout the Italian peninsula. Only between 30% and 50% will be able to reopen for the summer season of 2020.

Augusto Congionti, president of Agriturist, warns that the most worrying thing to take into account, in addition to the decline in tourists from the Italian peninsula. In particular, foreign and international tourists represent 59% of bookings. At the beginning of February and during the months of March, April and May, with the last two months usually very profitable within the farm holidays, there were losses of 100%.

In addition, among the losses are to be considered all the ceremonies cancelled in the months of April, May and June. Such as weddings, confirmations, baptisms and communions. Which bring a lot of work to these structures and are an important part of their earnings. The resumption of ceremonies can be seen perhaps in 2021 when it will be possible to have receptions with many people, without the rules of social distancing.

Augusto Congionti

“The open spaces, the large structures, our characteristics are a fundamental part of Italian tourism. We must think in a positive way, aware of our strengths. We are a winning format thanks to nature,” explains Congionti.

It should be added that the Agriturist association is not convinced of the Conte government’s aid. “Surely the tax credit (holiday bonus) provided by the government is an encouraging sign to safeguard tourism, but we are very puzzled about how to recover 80% as a tax credit. We need a different way, maybe a voucher to spend in the agritourism structures, immediately monetizable and expendable”. Congionti continues: “In the Relaunch decree the non-repayable contributions are limited to the month of April and the lost income is withdrawn on the basis of the income: we intend to ask for a refund of the lost income in March and May”.