Austrian damages a statue by Canova

The Canova sculpture

Austrian damages a statue of Canova, the man an Austrian citizen in his 50s was spotted thanks to security cameras. Last Saturday in Paddagnano in the province of Treviso, the Austrian tourist was in the museum with a group of Austrians. During the visit to the museum Gipsoteca, the author decides to make a selfie with one of the statues in the museum. The statue that was damaged is by Canova, specifically the one that portrays Paolina Borghese.

The statue depicts the noblewoman of the time lying on a sofa. In the videos confiscated by the Carabinieri to find out who had damaged the statue. You can clearly see the Austrian tourist leaning against the statue to make a selfie. But to get up from the position he was in, he slipped and bruised the toe of the statue’s foot.

The video always shows the man who, after realizing the damage, moves away from the statue, pretending nothing happened. The video of the autrian tourist is the overwhelming proof of the damage to the statue by the latter. This was taken last Saturday around 12:30.

The damage

The damage has not yet been quantified by the management of the Gipsoteca. Which is waiting for the restorers, but it shouldn’t be extensive. But anyway, thanks to the Carabinieri and the video, the Austrian tourist who had wandered off was tracked down.

They were able to trace the woman who had made the reservation on behalf of the group. Thanks to the visitors’ log. And through the woman they tracked down the Austrian man from Aistersheim. The tourist once tracked down said he was willing to pay for the damage.

Obviously a lot of people were upset about the gesture. Like Vittorio Sgarbi who said “An unconscious Austrian tourist, he thought he was posing for a photo by sitting on the Paolina Borghese, breaking her toes”. Let’s see how the story will unfold and whether the Austrian tourist will really pay for the damage.

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