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Be Local the App that brings the shops online

The new App

Phase 2 and local commerce, Be Local the App that brings the shops online, to get out of an unprecedented health and economic crisis requires bold ideas. For this reason Be Local was born, an App able to put small local businesses online allowing them to sell online in a simple and immediate way. In this difficult period, we should help the local businesses that are the one more affected by the Coronavirus crises.

Be Local is an app that wants to be a useful tool in these uncertain times. The name has the flavor of an invitation, and a warning at the same time: you need to “be local”. (to put it literally), to go back to looking at small neighborhood activities.

There is also a need for small shopkeepers to make a small effort to digitize their shop to meet new shopping habits. These two needs meet in Be Local, an App developed to find a point of contact between customers and activities beyond the wall of social distancing.

The food e-commerce

E-commerce, delivery and take-away are really at hand in a few seconds and for any kind of activity. It’s easy for merchants to join, create their own store, upload products and manage the distribution network. On the user side it’s even easier to order, save your favorite stores and track orders. One of the most interesting features is the possibility to use the App also as a restaurant menu to view and order food directly on site.

Everything is played on the web, the extra weapon for traders is in a simple app, but the real secret to win the challenge remains the human relationship between customer and trader.

It is no coincidence that Confcommercio Bologna also supports the initiative having found in the innovative approach of Be Local a keystone for a faster and more sustained economic restart.