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Blocked arrivals to 13 countries in Italy

The new order

Blocked arrivals to 13 countries in Italy, President Conte decided to ban some territories from entering the country. The measure was taken by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, decided to block arrivals from 13 countries for risk of Coronavirus infection. Therefore, the quarantine is still active for the other countries not on the list, while the three countries are blocked from entering our country. Not only the citizens of the countries in question but also those who have stayed there and those who have passed through will not be able to enter Italy.

This measure was taken after many cases of people returning from Bangladesh have increased in recent days and weeks. By creating areas in some cities with a high rate of contagion, precisely because they returned from their countries. For this reason, the Ministry of Health immediately stopped flights from Bangladesh. But unfortunately, this was not enough.

In fact, several Bangladeshi citizens, in fact, have managed to reach Italy by passing through other countries, making stopovers and not taking direct flights. The new order of the Ministry of Health therefore now provides for the non-entry and non-transit in Italy for all those who in the previous 14 days have stayed or transited in the following countries:

– Armenia
– Bahrain
– Bangladesh
– Brazil
– Bosnia and Herzegovina
– Chile
– Kuwait
– North Macedonia
– Moldova
– Oman
– Panama
– Peru
– The Dominican Republic.

Blocked arrivals

In addition, direct and stopover flights to these countries are also suspended until a date to be defined. For Italian citizens, however, there is an exception for those who live or have passed through one of these 13 countries. They can return but will have to put themselves in isolation for 14 days after arrival. Health Minister Speranza has decided to take this extreme measure after the increase of cases in South America.

Unfortunately, the pandemic is still not holding back, if the situation in Italy and under control, for now, can still have sudden relapses if we are not careful. Coronavirus infections in the world have exceeded 12 million cases and 550 thousand dead. So far, the continent most affected is South America, along with the United States. In fact, entry from the United States into Italy and Europe had already been blocked by the European Union.