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Borgo Egnazia in the beautiful Puglia

Puglia region

Borgo Egnazia in the beautiful Puglia, the Borgo Egnazia hotel and resort will be an unforgettable experience in your Apulian adventure. This 5 star hotel is a village located in Sevelletri di Fasano in the province of Brindisi. In the heart of Salento in the southernmost part of the heel of the Italian peninsula. In recent years, the region of Puglia has invested heavily in tourism to make it known not only in Italy but also abroad. This beautiful region of southern Italy, has a beautiful coastline that covers its entire territory from north to south. Famous in particular for the Salento the southernmost part, for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea.

But what captivates about this region is also its beautiful culture. The trulli now famous throughout the world, were once generally built as temporary shelters in the countryside. In particular we can find them in the area of Alberobello in the province of Bari, in the northern part of the region. The trulli of Alberobello are part of the Unesco heritage.

The southernmost part of the Salento is located between two seas, the Ionian Sea to the west and the Adriatic Sea to the east. The area of Salento includes the entire province of Lecce, a large part of the province of Brindisi and the eastern part of the province of Taranto. In this area in particular you can find the famous Villages or Masserie which have been renovated and converted into luxury hotels and resorts. The Masseria is a group of rural buildings used as dwellings, some owned by noble and upper class families were also fortified and equipped with walls and defensive towers. During the year 2011 tourism in the Salento peninsula showed a sharp rise, thanks to English tourism.

The Borgo

Borgo Egnazia represents Puglia as a whole. An old village put new for the growing tourism in the region. It represents the typical Apulian village, in fact the materials and colours used are reminiscent of the land of appertence. The color white predominates throughout the village. It is considered one of the best Italian resorts but also internationally. In 2017 it won the “Most Life Changing Experience” from Cond√® Nast UK.

The experience you will live in this village will be unique. Even the food that you will enjoy during your holiday will be unique and delicious. Only local products of the highest quality will be used. And everything will be cooked by local housewives.

So what are you waiting for to immerse yourself in this wonderful experience? You will live a fantastic holiday in a typical place but at the same time with the service of a 5-star hotel!