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Covid-19 the real estate market trend

The turning point

Covid-19 the real estate market trend, what will the future hold for the real estate market at the time of the Coronavirus? Very difficult situation in Italy that must be overcome in many different sectors. The conduct of activities that were done in a certain way in the past will have to change. This crisis has put us in front of great obstacles and now lies in the skill and intellect of people to carry out the same activities but in a different way. Surely the real estate world is also moving to more and more digital solutions that we will list below. This will make it possible to avoid physical contact and respect the social distancing rules in force.

The virtual visit of a property today represents an important opportunity for clients who want to buy home. This tool is not new but has existed for many years thanks to 360° videos and panoramic photographs. The main problem is that nobody I know would buy a property without having seen and touched it in person.

On the other hand, the same U.S. television broadcasts that show these practices are often faked and played by professional actors. This does not detract from the fact that this tool helps and guides the various hypothetical clients.

The changes

You understand well that in a perspective increasingly focused on social media and the use of online platforms, the photograph that has drawn up the instat in these days certainly does not help. After all, the same problem spills over to distance school and work from home. Therefore, if the real estate market in the coming years will be increasingly enhanced thanks to the network. It will be better that someone will take care of encouraging the purchase of these means also through bonuses.

Of course, we will be faced with several problems and a crisis that will involve many individuals both on a personal and professional level. But we believe that precisely in these situations we will have to act intelligently, with the hope that the state will support us.

Surely there will be price fluctuations, which will necessarily involve commercial properties and in our opinion also properties located in tourist resorts. The same thing may apply to rental contracts and I foresee an almost certain drop in property sales, but not in the immediate future.