An Italian Artist living in Hong Kong

Francesco Lietti

In Hong Kong, lives an Italian painter, Francesco Lietti, an Italian artist living in Hong Kong. He is able to open our eyes to the beauty of our place. They say that living in a forest, you stop seeing the threes. Well, Francesco Lietti is capable of showing us the joyful side of our time in Hong Kong. He has been living in Hong Kong since early 2006, and his love of this electricity charged city is apparent in his works.

He was born in Lecco on the southern shore of Lake Como. A place famous for mountain climbers and artists. In Hong Kong he exchanged climbing with riding a motorcycle, going up and down the Peak. He studied architecture in Milan and furthered his studies in Paris at the École des Beaux-Arts, La Seine, and also at the Clerkenwell College of Printing in London. Today his works are featured in private collections worldwide. He has already organized several exhibitions in Hong Kong and Macao.

“After a hard day of work, I get home, and, opening the door, I see my beautiful painting by Francesco Lietti hanging on the wall.”  That was said by the director of a top Museum in Hong Kong, during an interview with a popular magazine. Quite a compliment!

Francesco loves Hong Kong

Francesco loves Hong Kong, and this transpires from his paintings. Soon after landing in Hong Kong, he checked in at a dingy guesthouse in Tsimtsatshui. Too excited to rest, then he aimlessly walked the busy streets, until he drifted towards the harbor front. It was sunset. And then he saw that view of the harbour. It was as if natural perfection met the perfect human touch. He was mesmerized and instantly fell in love with this place. There was no turning back since. He had to capture it and pass it down to the next generations.

In such troubled times for Hong Kong, the message he gives us is clear: “I love this place because is unique and beautiful. It makes me think what an Italian poet wrote: remember, you will never be as young as you were this morning.”