Conero Natural Park

The promontory of Monte Conero

Near the port city of Ancona, in the Marche region, on the Adriatic Sea, lays the Conero Natural Park and its wonderful Riviera. A true miracle of nature, a place unchanged for thousands of years and protected by laws that will maintain its beauty.

Known as the promontory of Monte Conero, about 900 meters high and covered by dense vegetation. Besides, with the cliffs on the sea, explain why became an internationally known destination for people diving into the void with a paraglider.

Also a very important area during the medieval times and still today. As we can see many ships bound to the east, especially Greece. In the past, from Ancona, there were ships loaded with pilgrims bound to the Holy Land. Located further south of Venice in the past rivalled the Serenissima for the control of trade from and to the East. 

Moreover on a hill overlooking the port stands the cathedral of San Ciriaco, dating from the tenth century. With two marble lions at the entrance. Which recall those so common in ancient China, heralding peace and prosperity. Perhaps their representation was inspired by a traveller from China?. 

An Italian beauty

Today, the Conero Park may be considered an ideal place to relax. Also take short historical and artistic excursions to the magnificent nearby cities. Such as Numana, Castelfidardo, and Recanati. The birthplace of the greatest Italian poet during the last two centuries, Giacomo Leopardi.

The beauty is not only above the ground but also below.  For lovers of mysteries and ghosts, this are some must-see destinations. With deep mines from the Roman period and buried ruins. There were also several UFO sightings on the Conero. The UFO phenomenon there is very old. The first documented cases of sightings of unidentified flying objects date back to the early ’50s. In conjunction with the great “wave” of UFO that characterized Italy in that period.

It tells us about the magnetism of Mount Conero. Which according to ufologists could serve as a “battery charger” for these objects from other galaxies. Of course, we leave it to readers to judge whether they are reliable stories or not.

Apart from flying saucers, the wines of the area are excellent. The Conero red and the white, famous all over the world with the name of “Verdicchio”.

The fish is cooked in a thousand different sauces and it is great there. With hotels and restaurants that stock it up as soon as the fishermen’s boats dock at the pier, in the morning, just after sunrise.