FIERACAVALLI fair in Verona

The horse fair

In a few days, on November 7 will open the 121st edition of Fieracavalli fair in Verona. Dedicated to these beautiful animals, the horses. For this reason the horses have always been dear to the Veronese. One of the most important international fairs in the world. You can feel in these days the enormous excitement in Verona . With all hotels booked within a radius of one hundred kilometers from the city center.

What for the English represents the charge of Balaclava, useless and bloody. For the Italians represents the charge of Pastrengo. It happened near Verona, on April 30, 1848, by the Corps of Royal Carabinieri. Assigned to the personal protection of King Charles Albert of Savoy, against the Austrians. Every year the charge receives a commemoration, with significant popular participation.

More than 200,000 visitors they will expect these days. More than 200 events will be held over four days. Ranging from sports on the saddle, to exhibitions of breeders, up to shows for adults and children.

The fair

More than 2,400 specimens of 60 horse breeds will showcase their great beauty. In addition to the exhibition area with the most important international brands for breeding and riding and the best proposals for equestrian tourism, many shows will be an integral part of the event. With initiatives dedicated to families and children and the Gala d’Oro with the biggest names in equestrian art.

Commercial areas for professionals divided into thematic areas . Then there will be sports areas for international equestrian competitions with one and two stars. Then, a National Pony Competition and the most visited show: the western show with riders dressed like American cowboys.

The enhancement of the ethical aspect of the relationship between man and horse, will represent the central point at the fair. Also respect for animal welfare considered a critical condition. Since 2014, in fact, there will be two independent commissions of veterinarians and experts in charge of monitoring the comfort and health of the 2,400 horses present at the event.