Hong Kong Street Food Specialties

A small country of huge food diversity

Hong Kong is the perfect meeting point of East and West. It has a strong European (British) presence but has its own powerful Asian character. When talking about the culinary habits in Hong Kong, we can see the various international influences. However, there are some Hong Kong Street Food Specialties that you simply cannot miss out! Here for you is a brief summary of the HK’s favorites.

Dim Sum

Dim Sum are a specialty of the Cantonese cuisine. The word “dim sum” in Cantonese could be translated as “snack”, but literally it means “touch heart”. Whether you are a heavy spender or budget-restricted, it is almost impossible to wonder through the streets of Hong Kong without encountering Dim Sum restaurants: there are luxurious fancy restaurants as small yet delicious street food corners.

Gai Daan Jai – Egg Waffles

Egg Waffles is ranked number 1 in a survey of the 100 most popular street food snaking in Hong Kong. The Cantonese name Gai Daan Jai means “little eggs”, since, as you can see on the pictures below, the peculiarity of this waffle is that it is bubbly. In addition, you can find the egg waffles at any street food corner, for only HK$15!!

 Bubble Tea (Taiwan)

Not exactly from Hong Kong, but consumed on a daily basis, the Taiwanese bubble Tea is a tea-based drink invented in Tainan in the 80s.

The specialty of this drink are the little chewy tapioca pearls jelly bubbles inside it. You can decide what kind of pearls you want, if you want to add milk and even decide the sugar quantity! There are infinite varieties of flavors but the most popular in Hong Kong are the black pearls milk tea and the green pearl milk tea.

Curry Fish balls

The curry fish balls are probably the most iconic snack in HK. The small spheres sway in a strong curry sauce before being put into a bamboo stick and are ready to be eaten straight away.

Mango Sago Soup

The Mango pomelo sago is one of the most well-known desserts form Hong Kong. It was invented in 1984 by Lei Garden and can now be found in most Chinese, Singapore, Guangdong and Taiwan restaurants. The peculiarity of the dessert is that it is a cold mango soup with little sago bites – that are similar to the tapioca pearls that can be found in the famous Bubble tea!

Egg Tart

Not exactly from HK either, Egg Tarts are especially from Portugal, that were then brought to Macau during the colonialism. A puff pastry tart with an egg custard that will leave you mouth-watering!


Shumai are a typology of dim sum filled with pork and shrimp. It is a very common street food delicatessen that can be found anywhere in Hong Kong, for only HK$5!!

Here is our list of Hong Kong Street Food Specialties. How many have you tried?