How to travel around Italy


The most search question by tourists is, how to travel around Italy. Italy is a long peninsula lying on the Mediterranean Sea, with mountains dividing it in half and in the north also transversely. Tourists in groups who visit it often travel by bus, but with clogged highways there are delays and inconveniences.

Since 2012 you can find an alternative, a series of high-speed trains known as Frecce (Arrows). Divided into three different categories: Frecciarossa (red arrow), Frecciabianca (white arrow) and Frecciargento (silver arrow). Also they have slightly different routes and travel times. But all of them can be booked online on the Trenitalia website and always offer an assigned seat, air conditioning and restaurant cars. They offer a great comfort, punctual, safe and comfortable. 

Frecciarossa trains can be considered the flagship trains of Trenitalia’s high-speed service. In some railway lines they can reach a speed of 300 km/h and they make 187 daily connections with frequent departures.

Frecciargento trains offer 48 daily connections and are able to reach a maximum speed of 250 km/h. Frecciargento trains run on the routes Rome – Trieste, Rome – Genoa, Rome – Reggio Calabria, Rome – Lecce and Naples – Bolzano.

The Frecciabianca trains offer 42 daily connections and are able to reach a maximum speed of 250 km/h. They run on traditional lines and connect medium and large centers. The Frecciabianca operate on the Milan – Taranto, Venice – Bologna, Rome – Reggio Calabria, Genoa – Rome and Turin – Ancona routes.

Regional trains

There are still the old local and regional trains. But the difference with the Frecce is very sensitive. Also not to mention that there is a partially private company, called Italo. Which also offers a high-speed train service. The coverage of the Italian peninsula is also wide for this train company.

So, we recommend that you ask your travel agent to abandon the road connections while in Italy and switch to rail. Which is safer and more comfortable. Then they should organize road transport in the cities which you will reach.