Instagram spots to take a picture of Hong Kong

Here is where to find some of the best places to snap a cool pic in Hong Kong. Let's have a look!

Rich View Terrace. If you’re looking for the perfect Instagram background or a cool picture of Hong Kong, look no further than this geometric rainbow pattern over on Square Street.

Created by Pasha Wais as part of Current Projects, the surrounding section of Rich View Terrace is covered entirely by diagonal shapes painted in a spectrum of colours. Found at 26-50A Square St, Sheung Wan.

Make sure to come early to avoid potential crowd.


An unconventional design. Four of the eight blocks are of cylindrical shape.

Located at the Tai Hang region of the Hong Kong Island, Lai Tak Tsuen estate is one of the first public housing developments in Hong Kong, offering more than 2000 apartments.

The surrounding is among the best of all public rental buildings – sitting on the slop of the hill, you can get the view of the Victorian Harbour.

Apartments in the complex

Hiking trail called The Twins. This hike, found on the southern part of Hong Kong Island, offers scenery and tricky stairways.

The hilltop, the hill range of Dragon Back and Mount Parker appears toward the east and the northeast respectively. Afterward, trace the trail downhill. Along the way, it provides a splendid full view over the peninsula of Stanley.

Looking far, the blue skyline and the horizon of sea level are seemed to be merged. After joining the concrete steps, it leads down to Stanley Gap Road. The wide-open view of Stanley on top of the Twins is a blissful finale to the hike.

As you make your descent on Stanley Gap Road, spot the beautiful St. Stephen’s Beach, Stanley Peninsula, Stanley Main Beach, Murray House, and many more iconic attractions as you descend to Stanley Gap Road.

The Peninsula Hong Kong: this fantastic hotel offers many luxurious activities, and a helicopter ride is one of them.

Indeed, The Peninsula Hong Kong just so happens to have twin helipads on the roof. Rather than the ride, the helipad at the top of the building itself is the interesting part here. If you are on your way for the helicopter, make sure to snap one beautiful picture of Hong Kong island skyline. Both daytime and night time work, given the aesthetic of the city.

Also, guests can opt for the “Fly and Dine” or “Fly and Tea” package to indulge in exclusive dining offerings at one of the hotel’s award-winning restaurants.

Originally built in the 1960s Murray Building was a government office building on 22 Cotton Tree Drive, Central, Hong Kong. It has 27 stories.

And housed some of the key decision making bureaus of the Hong Kong government. , this Central building might not seem like the immediate choice for a luxury hotel. And yet that’s exactly what it is today, under its new guise as The Murray. The building is empty since 2011. That is, when the government headquarters moved to a new location.

But a transformation by real estate developer Wharf Holdings, who worked closely with the Conserving Central Project and architecture firm Fosters + Partners, gave the building a new lease on life. The result? A sumptuous 336-room property that combines Hong Kong’s colonial past with a modern sense of elegance.

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Ngong Ping Fun Walk, close to the Tian Tan Buddha, or Big Buddha.

Right after the Wisdom Path given that you came from Shek Pik Country or Lantau trails, the place is underrated and offers stunning shots opportunity.

Finally, the sunlight captured among the pillars are the Wisdom Steps. That is all for our article on Instagram picture of Hong Kong!