Italian Catholics Community in Hong Kong

The Italian Catholic community

Italian Catholics Community in Hong Kong is ancient. The first religious landed in Hong Kong were the priests of PIME (Pio Institute of Foreign Missions) more than 150 years ago. Then followed the Canossian nuns who have their headquarters in Verona.

Both PIME and the Canossians were very committed to the education of boys and girls. They still are. We can, therefore, say that both the fathers of PIME and the Canossians have contributed significantly to the cultural growth of the former British colony. And the same can also be said for the former Portuguese colony of Macao.

The next Mass in Italian is scheduled for Sunday morning, December 8th. But this time it will be different and distinctive compared with the others. It will be held in Caine Road, Mid Levels. On that day, the day of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary will be celebrated a Mass in Italian. The novelty will be the unveiling of a beautiful Nativity scene with figurines. And the official launch of a new website, primarily directed to the Italian-speaking Catholic community in Hong Kong.

The Holy Christmas

Here is the website.

Thanks to this website, they will be able to learn about times and variations in the program of Masses. Then to coordinate the work for charity, aimed at the poor of Hong Kong. And carried out by Italian women of the Italian community.

The celebration of December 8th will be opened to the entire Catholic community. And, after Mass enriched by organ music and singing, offered by Maestro Fabio Brassesco. After the religious celebration and the presentation of the new website, a small refreshment (a slice of panettone and a glass of Prosecco) will be offered to all those present.

They will then exchange greetings for a Holy Christmas. Also for a lucky and peaceful 2020.

In fact, a good part of the community of Italians is about to leave for Italy with their family.