Milan’s architectural hidden gems

Among skyscrapers and historical monuments, in Milan there are no shortage of magically unexpected places that will leave you breath taken. For you, a brief selection of Milan’s architectural hidden gems.

Igloo houses.

Located in Via Lepanto, in the south of the city, you will be able to find a peculiar architectural experiment. A creation of the engineer Mario Cavallè.

The architect designed it for the displaced families after war. Igloo houses have a singular structure. They’re very short with a circular houseplant, with private garden.

A unique architectural treasure in the heart of Milan.

Villa Figini.

Then, non far from the igloo houses, you can find another architectural project in rationalist style.

Also called Stilt-house, Villa Figini was designed in the 30s by the architect Luigi Figini, whom was inspired by Le Corbusier.

Furthermore, the villa is subdivided into two floors and is suspended by a stilt over a big garden in order to harmonise nature and architecture

Albergo Diurno Venezia

Moving on, hidden in the basement of Oberdan square, the Diurno Venezia Hotel that was constructed in the 20s has a unique charm.

In addition, the fascinating structure in Art déco style has a living room with many columns, public bathrooms with peculiar floor tiles, a spa and a few shops.

Casa Galimberti

In Via Malpighi, for liberty lovers, Casa Galimberti is a particularly original building from the beginning of the 90s.

It is a project demanded by the Galimberti bothers to the architect Giovanni Battista Bossi. Consequently, the building is subdivided into four floors, with an apartment per floor.

Then, the facade of the building is extremely fascinating with figures framed by trees and ceramic. There is wrought iron, rows of grapes with cement ornaments. And everything was entirely designed by the architect Bossi.

Fornace Curti

Since 1400, the Fornace Curti is the temple of Milanese terracotta pottery that helped to build famous buildings such as the Certosa of Pavia, Chiaravalle abbey and many others.

And today, the Fornace Curti is a place dedicated to art; the structure is composed of narrow paths, statues, arcades and labs.

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Milan, Lombardy region, Italy


Milan, Lombardy region, Italy