Small restaurants with a Michelin star in Hong Kong

Delicious, cheap and authentic​

Among the fine dining places that spawn all over Hong Kong, some stand out of the crowd. Precisely because they do not appear any fancy, yet their cooking is heavenly. Here are the three small restaurants that got awarded a Michelin star in Hong Kong this year.

Kam’s Roast Goose

The Kam family name is synonymous with their famous roast goose restaurant.

This little place is owned by the third generation of the family! Additionally, they hired the father’s former chef to ensure the goose is as crisp and succulent as ever. There’s also suckling pig, goose neck and head, and goose blood pudding available. There are about 30 seats only, so do not be surprised to find a queue.

In other words, Kam’s Roast Goose is a Guangdong-style restaurant that specializes in serving variations of Chinese BBQ meats. Their signature dish, roast goose, can be paired with soup noodles and rice. But also other food items.

The establishment of Kam’s Roast Goose is to commemorate their beloved late grandfather, Mr. Kam Shui Fai and father, Mr. Kam Kinsen Kwan Sing. They started Yung Kee restaurant in 1942, which later became a successful restaurant. Their self-motivation, hardworking and eager to be challenged behaviors enabled them to achieve outstanding success in the culinary world.

As the third generation, KRG’s mission is to provide a memorable dining experience to every guest. The family is committed to follow these principles and values passed down to them from one generation to the next.

Michelin star since 2015, every year.

Tim Ho Wan

A chain of dim sum awarded a Michelin star!

Now found around Asia, it offers tasty culinary preparations from China. Over 20 different dim sum are proposed, all skillfully made and reasonably priced. Some items rotate every two to three months to keep the menu fresh. Among the best items, there are their shrimp dumplings, baked buns with barbecue pork filling and steamed beef balls.

Tim Ho Wan is one of the world’s most famous Hong Kong Dim Sum restaurants. Founder Chef Mak Gui Pui and Chef Leung Fai Keung started the first restaurant in Mong Kok March 2009. It was carrying the concept of “Freshly made to order”. Promise to serve the food at its best taste but the most affordable price. It allows every ordinary people to enjoy the 5-star culinary art. The restaurant found its international renown when the original Mong Kok branch débuted in the 2010 edition of the Michelin Guide.  Since then, the brand has been continuously starred by the guide book with two more expended outlets in Hong Kong.

Craving roast goose meat?

Yat Lok

The signature roast geese glistening behind the window are marinated with a secret recipe and go through over 20 preparatory steps before being chargrilled to perfection. Char siu pork uses pork shoulder from Brazil for melty tenderness. Roast pork belly and soy-marinated chicken are also recommended. Expect to share a table with others, as it is very popular. It’s been run by the Chus since 1957. The present Yat Lok restaurant in Central, open in 2011, is certainly more convenient for many people to reach. Yet it is a small and congested place. But that speeds up the turnover as it is not a place diners would linger and make small talk. Eat, pay and leave is the name of the game.

A delicious place with a Michelin star in Hong Kong nonetheless.