Summer 2019: the Italian destinations to see

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It seems that 2019 is the right year for Italians to go on holiday. According to a survey, Italians plan on spending more money on summer holidays and for a longer duration. However, most holidaymakers have been willing to opt more for Italians places instead of abroad destinations. Then, it is good to mention that surely Italy has always been the dream place for holidays for both foreigners and Italians. Because it can offer a lot of seaside places, beautiful ancient cities and perfect food. So we decided to make a list for Summer 2019: the Italian destinations to see.

     1. Elba island

First on the list! The Island of Elba is a pretty and quiet island off the coast of Tuscany known to be the perfect place for families and for those who want to opt for cheaper facilities such as campsites or hostels.

The food, sea and people are unique and will make you madly fall in love with this Tuscan island.

In conclusion, what are you waiting for?

Summer 2019: the Italian destinations to see
Summer 2019: the Italian destinations to see
          2. Rimini

Since the 50’s Rimini has always been one of the favourite seaside resorts of Italians and many foreigners. Surely it is the most popular destination to go to the beach just for the weekend. That is thanks to its easy to find different types of hotels depending on the economic needs for each family.

Then, all beaches are equipped with umbrellas, showers, restaurants and outdoor activities that are often included in the cost of the hotel or have weekly or monthly packages.

      3. Ischia Island

The island of Ischia is like Capri, one of those islands that makes you immediately think of the 60s, the style and la dolce vita. Situated in the Gulf of Naples, Ischia is of volcanic origin. Ischia is certainly one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea and is suitable for families and couples.

In addition you will love this island for the excellent food, on the other hand you are near Naples, for the crystal clear sea and the variety of beaches. The main industry of Ischia is tourism, focused on spas that are aimed primarily at European tourists and Asian eager to enjoy the fruits of the natural volcanic activity of the island, its hot springs and volcanic mud.

Summer 2019: the Italian destinations to see
       4. Villasimius, Sardinia

Villasimius is the “gem” of the south of Sardinia and is the tourist resort that every vacationer dreams of. The intense colours of the sea, the crystal clear and sparkling water, the granite cliffs, the enchanting coves, the long stretches of beach, the lagoons and the verdant hills.

Furthermore, the coast is adorned with a crown of beaches interspersed with coves and the promontory of Capo Carbonara. When returning to land you can go shopping, enjoy delicious seafood, visit museums and archaeological sites.

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