Tai Mo Shan, the highest moutain

The tallest peak in hong Kong

Hong Kong has many mountains, and the highest of them all is Tai Mo Shan. The summit peaks at 957 meters high, and is only place in Hong Kong where you may witness frost. In winter, many people hike it to witness this rare phenomenon. Indeed, sub-tropical Hong Kong is not the place where one would expect such temperatures.

It is impossible to truly summit the 957-metre mountain, as the gigantic orb-like structure of the Hong Kong Observatory’s largest weather radar tops it. A near summit can be underwhelming if the mountain is climbed from the Tai Mo Shan Visitor Centre. Then, it leads hikers to a mild, paved path winding up the southern slope. Offering sweeping views of Yuen Long Plain in the New Territories and Lion Rock in Kowloon, those summits are good shooting location for landscape lovers.

Enveloping this massif is 1,440 hectares of natural territory, designated as the Tai Mo Shan Country Park. Established in 1979, the park borders Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve in the east and Shing Mun Country Park in the south. To the west is Route Twisk and Tai Lam Country Park just beyond the highway. To the north is the old valley of Lam Tsuen.

Tai Mo Shan translates from Cantonese to both “Foggy Mountain” and “Big Hat Mountain,” the hat being the fog or clouds encircling the mountain.

It receives 30 percent more rainfall than the rest of Hong Kong according to the Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department. Winter brings foggy uniformity. Whereas in summer the mountain is often sunny with a cluster of cotton ball-like cumulus clouds surrounding the top.

Plantations are everywhere in the south-eastern part of the park. Climatic and geographical limitations mean that forests grow to a maximum altitude of 550 metres. The upper slopes are contain mostly shrubs and grass. Tai Mo Shan is a haven for a great variety of wildlife. There is more than 100 bird species and many butterflies. The region is also rich in snakes.

How to get there? MTR’s West Rail Line to Kam Sheung Road Station and take minibus 64K to Ng Tung Chai Tsuen. You can also take the East Rail Line to Tai Wo Station and then minibus 25K Lam Tsuen to Chai Kek. If you go by taxi, alight at Ng Tung Chai village on the main road by the minibus stops. Finally, walk along the roadside footpath through the small village of Ng Tung Chai to the Ng Tung Chai Waterfall Path then follow signs for Tai Mo Shan via Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls.