The Abano Terme gem

Italy is not just Venice, Rome and Milan. Italy holds many little hidden gems which are worth exploring and getting to know. Today, we will talk about one of these small towns where you will not find the usual mass tourism. And that place is The Abano Terme gem, a small city of twenty thousand inhabitants in the province of Padua. It is located at the foot of the Euganean Hills, a volcanic area with low activity, and is at an average altitude of 14 meters above sea level.

Abano is a very rich village, where there is no unemployment. Thanks to the thermal water that from time immemorial flows from the ground, tourists are not lacking.Indeed, since the times of ancient Rome this area was known for these thermal waters, which flow in summer as in winter and reduce rheumatic pains.  Consequently, the city enjoys a great situation.

The concentration of hotels in Abano and nearby towns is impressive, there are hundreds and ranging from super luxury to economic ones.

All of them hide hot pools, mud baths – you are covered with this mud under medical supervision and blood circulation do improves – and wellness centers. The excellent cuisine and excellent wines are a further incentive that attract not only Italians but also many Germans and Russians, especially in winter.

Perhaps they are fleeing from the harsh temperatures prevailing in their countries.  Between one bath and the next, it is possible to go on excursions to nearby towns rich in ancient culture, to mention just one, as an example: Arquà Petrarca, where there is the house and the tomb of one of the giants of European literature, Francesco Petrarca (1304-1374).

During the First World War (1915-1918) Abano was the headquarters of the Italian army.

Which was fighting against Austria and Germany, a convenient location since the front was an hour’s drive away. The palace where Italian General, Armando Diaz, stayed is now a luxury hotel, the Hotel Trieste. 

During the Middle Ages, young brides went to Abano when unable to generate children, because people believed that the thermal waters had the power to promote their gestation. Today we know that this could be attributed to good food, a relaxed environment as well as the presence of various suitors.

Ultimately, we can say that The Abano Terme gem deserves a quiet, yet good spot within Italian destinations. It is a convenient, calm place to enjoy. You can get there rather quickly from Milan or Venice. Make sure to bath in mud, which is surprisingly healthy!



Abano Terme, Padua Province, Italy


Abano Terme, Padua Province, Italy