The Ancient Villa of Wines

The Ancient Villa of Wines, or Villa Della Torre Allegrini

The Ancient Villa of Wines. Just outside the town of Fumane, in the province of Verona, we climb up the hills and reach the Villa Della Torre, owned by the Allegrini family. Giancarlo, the director, is also a refined poet, awaits us with his beautiful smile.

This old fortified villa is like a formidable sleeping lady. The great architect Giulio Romano built it in 1563. It follows the structure of the old Roman villas in Renaissance style. We immediately think that this could be the perfect setting for a film based on William Shakespeare’s comedy the Two Gentlemen of Verona which was written between 1589 and 1593, a cheerful story full of flirting and love. A beautiful piece of Italian architecture.

Giancarlo escort us for a visit at the villa: we can admire the fireplaces, with large monstrous masks, with wide open jaws; the secret garden; the frescoed rooms; the vineyards that appear in the distance, on the slopes of the hill.
After our tour, Giancarlo invites us to taste a glass of their Amarone from the 2015 harvest, which he still remembers with pride and apprehension: “During that summer two emergency irrigations were necessary in the vineyards of the high hills; then came a providential rain, on 20 August, which allowed us to maintain the physiological balance of the plant, with the consequent complete ripening. Thanks to the absence of rain, the harvest was a serene and allowed a harmonious work. This allowed us to maintain a slightly higher than average alcohol content and a good acid-extractive balance.

I ask him, as a provocation, what about oriental cuisine, how can we combine it with certain Chinese dishes? But Giancarlo has the answer ready: “China and Hong Kong are already our bet markets. Also, amarone can also be proposed with original and fascinating dishes. There are with spicy and sweet-and-sour flavors, so it goes perfectly with the creations of Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. We recommend serving it at a temperature of 18°C and uncorking the bottle at least one hour before consumption.”

We end the tour asking for the 2019 season. “It will be a great year, not on the side of quantity but certainly on the side of quality. Red wine of 2019 surely are a treasure for many years to come.”