The beautiful island of Ischia in October

The vacation in October

The beautiful island of Ischia in October, still in the south of Italy you can enjoy the off-season vacations. In this way, many places impossible to book in August and more expensive, in the month of October are easily accessible both from an economic point of view and availability. The island of Ischia is one of those beauties that even in autumn can give great satisfaction.

Since Roman and Greek times this island has always been considered a beautiful destination. Today it is one of the most famous Italian islands also for international tourists. This island in the period of October is perfect for relaxing weekends of rest from the hectic daily life.

Famous for its crystal clear water, lush nature and thermal waters. This is why they collect many tourists who need specific treatments, and benefit from the thermal waters and spa centres.

The island

The thermal waters are all of volcanic origin, with a total of 29 thermal basins and 67 fumaroles. For this reason Ischia is called the thermal island. Around the island there are about 103 springs, for this reason it has been possible the formation of many thermal centers. In addition, the perfect climate and Mediterranean air are a perfect mix for health and many diseases of the locomotor and respiratory system, dermatology and gynecology.

For magnificent autumn walks the island also enjoys a nature and mountains possible to visit. With the Epomeo mountain in the center, 788 m high, you can take walks and trekking. While for the evening there are many historical centers around the island.

Lacco Ameno where there is the beautiful museum of Villa Arbusto, with some Greek art. Forio is the largest town on the island, famous for its towers and craftsmen’s workshops. Serrara, the most fashionable, to take walks and visit the stores and have nice dinners in the many restaurants. The Aragonese Castle the most important monument of the city in Ischia Porto. A flight of steps leads to the top of the island: it is an excellent vantage point.

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