The beautiful Manarola

Cinque Terre

The beautiful Manarola is a village in Liguria, and is part of the Cinque Terre. It is a romantic village perched on a steep promontory of dark rock. With its small port enclosed between two rocky spurs.

The coloured tower-houses descend in steps towards the sea. Which here, when it is stormy, creates particularly suggestive scenery. The waves rise up to submerge the steps of the marina. The foam rises very high and the brackish water blends with the scents of the Mediterranean maquis, thyme, rosemary and vineyards.

High up, well protected, is the square surrounded by the two oratories of the Disciplinanti di Santissima Annunziata or the Azzurri. All around are terraced hills and dry stone walls, vineyards and olive groves. In other words, a true Italian dream. One of those places to visit if on holiday in Italy.

The luminous nativity scene

The luminous nativity scene is located on the hill “delle tre croci” in Manarola, which surmounts this beautiful village.

The hill is made up of 250 characters built one by one by a former retired railwayman. With poor recycled materials and twisted irons that, during the whole Christmas period will come to life illuminating thanks to 15000 solar-powered bulbs.

This show covers an area of 4 thousand square meters so a great preparation is required for the creation of the event. The nativity scene is visible from many points of the village but the best view is certainly the one you can enjoy from Via Rollandi, near the church of San Lorenzo. 

The lights that illuminate it are solar energy: the bulbs of the installation are connected to the photovoltaic system of the municipality. The energy for the 15 thousand bulbs is provided by a photovoltaic system inaugurated in 2008.
The Living Nativity scene of Manarola is rightly mentioned in the Guinness of world records.