The best happy hour in Milan

The best and unique places in Milan

A glamour happy hour

The best happy hour in Milan. Milan is the most famous Italian city for aperitifs on weekends or midweek days immediately after work. It has become like a ritual for the Milanese and the people who have lived in this city for a long time. Thanks to the passion of the Milanese for happy hour over the years have been born sophisticated local and with a wide selection of drinks and wines. Here is our list for the best happy hour in Milan.

Please note: The list below cannot be taken as official, this is a recommended list of best happy hour in Milan we kindly suggest.


Wine bar and restaurant for lunch, aperitif or dinner. Signorvino is a crazy place if you are in a group or just as a couple. The restaurant is located both in Via Dante and in front of the Duomo. In the last location you can sip a glass of wine and enjoy the majesty of the Duomo of Milan. In addition to the wine, you can take advantage of it for an aperitif with many delicious dishes. The advice, for Signorvino in particular, is to book, because it is always full!


The Santeria is much more than just a place to have an aperitif. In fact at the Santeria, you can also enjoy many interesting evenings on the calendar. With concerts, performances of various kinds, DJ sets and live music!. Recently they opened the second club in the Bocconi area to be even closer to the center. What are you waiting for?. Gather a group of friends and enjoy the Santeria.

Two alternative places


Moreover Frida is a wonderful place that is located in the area of Isola. Famous for its characteristic and unique places. An area where you feel free to choose between different alternatives. Frida certainly stands out for its suggestive location. Especially outside, and is always crowded both at aperitif time and after dinner.


Deus is an Australian-style restaurant in Milan with very welcoming exteriors and a very recognizable and unique interior design. In addition the drinks are delicious and even the food for both dinner and aperitif is definitely to try!. It’s perfect for any occasion, even for large groups!

Something more classic


If you are looking for a more exclusive, stylish and glamorous place, visit Carlo and Camilla in the Segheria. Carlo Cracco’s place near Viale Tibaldi. Here the cocktails are very sought-after and the atmosphere very special. Also recommended for dinners with a couple or a group of friends.


In the Central Station area, a recommended place for a group of friends is the Ostello Bello. Famous for being one of the most recognized hostels in Italy and abroad. Also the hostel presents to the outside public an aperitif in the courtyard open at any time. Where you can converse with guests of the hostel, great way to meet new people.


Ceresio 7 is the complex created by the fashion brand Dsquared that includes a panoramic terrace, swimming pool, restaurant and gym. That allows you to recreate in Milan a very London and exclusive environment. The aperitif is one of the most expensive in Milan but also one of the most beautiful where you can have a drink in the pool at sunset overlooking the magic city of Milan.

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