The chess game in Marostica

Chess Game

In the wonderful province of Vicenza there is a unique event of its kind called the chess game in Marostica. Every even year in the magnificent Piazza degli Scacchi of Marostica. You can attend a unique chess game presented by real people in costume. This event dates back to many years ago, think and present in this town since 1454.

The story goes that two warriors named Rinaldo D’Angarano and Vieri da Vallonara. They both fell in love with the same girl called Lionora. To win her heart they challenged each other to a duel. The father of the bride-to-be, a very wise man named Taddeo Parisio. Decided to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. He proposed a game of chess instead of a duel.

The winner of the chess game could eventually take the beautiful Lionora as his wife. The chess game, however, had to be played with real people. Dressed in black and white and with clothes of the time. Moreover, they had to be all armed. The chess challenge had to take place in the beautiful square of the Da Basso Castle. For this reason every two years in the town of Marostica. Takes place this unique event and historical re-enactment important for the people of this town.

The history

At the beginning, every historical re-enactment was held the same match. That the two brave warriors, Rinaldo D’Angarano and Vieri da Vallonara had played. But over the years, not being able to replicate the same moves. They decided in 1954 to replicate chess games famous over the years. This event takes place in Piazza degli scacchi because it has the appearance of a real giant chessboard.

The show is inaugurated on Friday at 21 of September 11, 2020. But for all those who fail that day there will be a replica on Saturday, September 12 at 21. And Sunday, September 13 at 17 and 21. So you have time to buy tickets for this unique show if you are fond of chess or historical performances!.