The event Nova Eroica 2020 in Tuscany

Nova Eroica

The event Nova Eroica 2020 in Tuscany, has been moved from this summer to the end of October. Usually, this beautiful event is held during the hottest season, but this year it has been postponed. It will be held on October 24 and 25 in the province of Siena. In the beautiful Tuscan hills, with breathtaking views, particularly between Val d’Arbia and Val d’Orcia. This incredible race and event are reserved for a small group of great cyclists and vintage bikes.

In fact, only 1000 cyclists can participate in the event. That you can enjoy this incredible journey through the Tuscan hills. Having the feeling for a moment to be in another era, far from the worries and difficulties of this 2020.

The day of October 24 will be focused on the “Bike Village”, where there will be many exhibitors from the world of cycling but also much more. In the morning you can admire the caravan of the Mille Miglia, in transit from Buonconvento… To follow there will also be a cooking class, typical of Artusi.

The Event

While later it will be possible to attend the intervention of Alessandra Ortenzi and Federica De Stefani, authors of “Sport and GDPR online and offline”. Where they will discuss various topics related to cycling and the manifestation of vintage bicycles that is present in various countries around the world for many years.

It will be possible to participate in the race, with two routes with alternative lengths. Nova Eroica Family Mini of 14 kilometres and Nova Eroica Family of 27 kilometres with final prizes for everyone. The shortest route will go from Buonconvento to Bibbiano. While the longest route will pass through Monteroni d’Arbia.

On October 25th, 2020 there will be the actual race of Nova Eroica, with three routes. 62 kilometres called “Val d’Arbia”, 85 kilometres “Crete Senesi” and finally 130 kilometres “Terra di Siena“. The team that will win as every year will get the national champion’s jersey. In conclusion, this race is both a very important sporting event, but also an occasion that allows you to enjoy an infinite surrounding beauty.

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