The event ” Oil mills open in Umbria “

Umbria region

The Event ” Oil mills open in Umbria“, this October it will be possible to visit the Umbrian oil mills for this particular event. The next weekends will be dedicated to the harvesting and pressing of olives, in this way it will be possible to visit the various mills throughout Umbria and discover new places and villages. Here it will be possible to discover new mills and go to rediscover the more traditional and well-known ones. This event will take place from 24 October to 29 November 2020. By now they are more than 23 years that this event is developed in all Umbria therefore and’ a tradition that is carried ahead from a long time.

This event over gives the possibility to visit the various mills and understand how the extraction of oil works. It will also be possible to live the experience of working in an oil mill and see the phases of the processing.

Umbria is very famous, like its twin region, Tuscany, for the production of PDO oil. In the Umbrian region, there are many consortia that protect the high standards of quality and maintenance of the oil mills. As well as the external appearance of the mills, for the reception of people. While maintaining a traditional style, many facilities have been restored to give that extra touch to the design and beauty of the interior.

The event

During this journey between the various mills throughout Umbria, you will encounter different facilities, many of their interiors have also used museums that tell the collection of oil over the years. Other times you will find yourself in abbeys and small churches, but also hermitages and ancient villas.

For those who can not actively participate in person in this beautiful experience to discover the old oil mills. It will be possible to visit this website that allows you to see the route and also the possibility to buy the products as if you were in the place.

On the various dates in which the event takes place will be the turn of various cities to be known and where the main events will be set up. For example, from October 24 to 25 with the “Festival – Trevi between oil, art, music and papille” will be the turn of Terni. On October 30 and 31 two are the appointments: “La Mangiaunta” in Giano dell’Umbria. The 7 and 8 November are previewed “Frantotipico” to Castel Ritaldi.

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