The Genoa lighthouse

The Genoa symbol

The Genoa lighthouse, symbol of this wonderful city, can be visited every Saturday, Sunday and public holiday. This lighthouse is the official one of the port of Genoa and the most important in Italy. And still the only one guarded by a pharaoh. In fact, it regulates the air and sea traffic because its light can be seen up to 50 km away.

The lighthouse is very old, in fact it was built in 1128. In the same place where the bonfires were lit for the navigators of the time. The lantern in ancient times had a dual role. The one of a lighthouse and fortification for the defense of the city. Before 1600 it was not incorporated into the walls of the city only later it was made part of the town.

The lantern has been in operation for 9 centuries. Also still one of the most important buildings in the city and its symbol. In fact, Genoa has been known for thousands of years as a port city and a center of trade and maritime exchanges.

The tower

The tower of the lantern is 76 meters high and with the rock on which it was built is 117 meters high. For this reason it is the highest lighthouse in the Mediterranean. And the third oldest lighthouse in the world. To reach the top of the lighthouse you have to make 365 steps of a staircase inside. But only the first 172 steps can be climbed by the public. Because the others are under military control, so it is not possible to reach the highest peak.

The public can then reach the first terrace, which also has a breathtaking view. The lantern park, unlike the lighthouse alone, is open every day. Under the lantern is possible to visit also the multimedia museum. It has been inside the fortification since 1830. The museum also contains a series of screens with films dedicated to the seafaring, the lighthouses and their use for signalling.

There is also a part dedicated to the city of Genoa and its cultural and popular traditions. Also to the Genoese cuisine known throughout the world.