The giants of Monte Prama in Sardinia

An heritage on the island

Sardinia is a large island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. An ancient land, perhaps the oldest in Europe, at least on the geological level. Indeed, for centuries, no earthquakes were recorded and many of the rocks date back to the Paleozoic era. Which is about 500 million years ago. It also boasts one of the most long-living population on earth. One of its curiosity is The giants of Monte Prama in Sardinia.

The density of inhabitants per square kilometer is very low and there are vast impervious areas. Its clear sea it is really like on the postcards. It knows no equal, and not only in Europe. Sardinia is an ideal destination for holidays accompanied by visits to museums and archaeological sites. In other words, a rich destination.

Few people know that in 1974 an extraordinary discovery was made.

The giants, or heroes, of Mont’e Prama. These are large statues carved in sandstone with a height variable between 2 and 2.5 meters. Their origin and function remain a mystery, one of the many that surround these lands. One that people work hard to solve.

We found these statues near a vast necropolis. There, young individuals, almost all of whom males, were buried in a standing posture, and if this is linked to the iconology of statuary, it underlines their belonging to the class of warriors and aristocrats. The nearby Nuraghi, mysterious megalithic structures whose function is still the subject of debate, are also noteworthy and deserves a visit. Do not miss it out!

Sardinia offers beautiful landscapes in addition to a rich history and culture. It is indeed popular for good reasons.

The dating of the giants can be set, in some cases, to 2,800 BC. Therefore, only a few statues in Greece and Egypt can boast an earlier dating in the Mediterranean basin.  Perhaps one of the most suggestive hypotheses of a remote sighting can be found in Homer’s Odyssey, where it tells of Lestrygonians, the horrendous giants who ate human flesh.

We strongly advise our readers to plan their holidays in Sardinia. We are sure that the traditional hospitality, the culture, the wild and uncontaminated landscapes as well as the good cuisine will make them unforgettable. In short, everything is here for you to have a great time!

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Monte Prama, Sardinia, Italy


Monte Prama, Sardinia, Italy