The Portofino of Lake Garda

Punta San Vigilio

The beautiful peninsula of Punta San Vigilio that we can call the Portofino of Lake Garda. A twenty minutes’ drive from Verona and owned by the Guarienti di Brenzone family. Directly descendants of the last King of Italy, Umberto II of Savoy.

It is really worth going there to stay a few days or, if in a hurry, just dine romantically at his Inn. Also run directly by the Guarienti brothers, Agostino and Guariente.  You can also get there for a simple swim in the lake, in fact you can find, a small private beach, known as the Bay of the Sirens.

Moreover Winston Churchill stayed here, and the great physicist Otto Hahn had his marriage. King Juan Carlos of Bourbon was often a guest also. The actor Laurence Olivier loved it and Carlo and Diana had their honeymoon.

Villa Guarienti

There is a large park with gardens, olive trees, and grapes, citrus groves, and cypresses. An ancient church consecrated to San Vigilio, bishop of Trent. At the end of the fourth century, he converted the people of the lake to Christianity. The access avenue, with a double row of century-old cypresses and the adjacent olive grove, is lovely. In the garden, very well kept, there is a wealth of busts, statues, tombstones with Latin and Italian inscriptions, which still testify to the culture and taste of the founders of the villa.

After parking your car, walk along a cypress-lined avenue to reach Villa Guarienti, designed by the great Renaissance architect Michele Sanmicheli.

Villa Guarienti is one of the elements that make Punta di San Vigilio famous. It was built in the 16th century by the Venetian jurisconsult and philosopher Agostino Brenzoni (a direct ancestor of the current manager of the inn). This palace was born as his private residence and refuge from chaos and war. He was a lover of peace and beauty. His motto was: “Beatus ille qui procul negotii” (blessed is he who lives far from material worries). It is not by chance that he composed here a philosophical book entitled “On solitary life.”