Todi, a medieval wonder

We are in Todi, at the center of the Italian peninsula.

Close to the course of the Tiber stands this town. One of the fatal rivers in western history, like the Seine and the Rhine, flowing towards Rome. Not far from here is also the town Narni, which inspired the Narnia series of books written by the English writer C.S. Lewis. They are read and loved by young and old people around the world.

Todi is a rich town, with a low population of about 16,000.

But with a large extension of territory. We see it coming towards us, clinging to a hill and, once entered, it still appears set in the Middle Ages. There are stone monuments everywhere, palaces, churches, monuments. Parked the car near Piazza del Popolo, we turn on foot and I wonder why I never came here before? I could live here.

For work we travel around the world, so it’s nice to find these little towns for a new charming and quiet life here. People, ladies especially are very elegant and well dressed, with dark hairs and eyes.

It was founded on a hill between the eighth and seventh century BC by the Umbrians. It rises about 400 meters above sea level and is on the Etruscan border. Its name comes from “Tutere” which means “Border town”.  During the Middle Ages, it was a free commune and then a lordship, finally became part of the State of the Church. The great marble traces of its glorious past are indeed everywhere. One of Italy’s most beautiful town.

We visit some palaces, such as the Palazzo dei Priori and the Duomo dell’Annunziata and then we enter for lunch in one of the typical restaurants of the city, there we order two local specialties. Large noodles with truffles and then two pigeons cooked under the ashes after having been carefully marinating with bay leaves, cloves, sage, rosemary, marjoram and juniper berries. We had heard from some friends about this meat specialty and it is so good that we start to wonder if we were attracted by the monuments or the pigeons?

It’s hard for to give an answer!



Todi, Umbria Region, Italy


Todi, Umbria Region, Italy