Under the Cortona sun

The Etruscan town

Cortona is a small Tuscan town of Etruscan origin, you will understand why we called it Under the Cortona sun. Located in the centre and the heart of Italy in the province of Arezzo near the border with Umbria. As it once happened to the Etruscans, Cortona still remains in a strategic position that allows, with short trips, to reach important artistic and cultural centres. One of the most appreciated and well known villages in Tuscany.

Its fame abroad and ‘in particular given by various fiction or films shot in this Tuscan village. For example, Under the Tuscan sun, a very famous American film. That thanks to this film, Tuscany and in particular Cortona have become famous throughout the world. Directed by Audrey Wells in 2003, and produced by Walt Disney starring Diane Lane.

Also the film set in Cortona based on the book of the same name by the writer Frances Mayes, where she spends most of the year with her husband.

The city' attractions

In the beautiful historic centre of Cortona, which characterizes all Tuscan cities. We can find the Signorelli Theatre and the Etruscan Museum (MAEC). The Signorelli Theatre, designed by Carlo Gatteschi in 1854. The venue of important cultural and theatrical events for over a century and a half. Located in Piazza Signorelli, where the ancient church of S. Andrea was located, and designed in perfect neoclassical style.

While the Museum brings together in a single exhibition the historic Museum of the Etruscan Academy and the Museum of the Etruscan and Roman City of Cortona. The headquarters we can find it in Palazzo Casali. One of the oldest buildings and rich in the history of the city. The new Museum of the Etruscan Academy and the City of Cortona can be considered also the point of welcome and information. To visit the nascent Archaeological Park of Cortona with its 11 sites. We recommend visiting both because ‘historical places and unique to see.

Another attraction, The basilica of Santa Margherita is a sacred building located in the square of the same name in Cortona. The sanctuary dedicated to the figure of Santa Margherita, patron saint of Cortona and Franciscan. And the subsequent cultural and spiritual activity of the Observant Franciscans. At her death (22 February 1297) it was decided to build a church in her honour. This basilica, located in the main square of Cortona, is not to be missed. Inside there are frescoes of 1300.