Where to find magical places in Italy

A little luck never hurt anyone

Where to find magical places in Italy, in this difficult period where everyone would like to have a little luck, we make you discover magical places that will help you find it. Starting from Milan, the famous Vittorio Emanuele II gallery is actually a magical place. In fact in the center of the gallery every day you can see many people in line for a photo above a mosaic. It’s actually good luck to step on the attributes of the mosaic, but only if you make a triple turn on yourself with your heel.

In Verona instead is the most famous balcony in the world to bring good luck. At Juliet’s balcony in the historic center of Verona, you will find the statue of the famous Shakespearean heroine and rub the right breast of the bronze statue is believed to bring much luck. Luck is said to refer only to the love sphere, so that’s a place for lovers or future couples. Actually the bronze statue in Verona has been substituted for the original one. The original bronze statue is now in the museum to preserve it.

Going to Tuscany, in Florence, you can have luck touching the snout of a wild boar called the piglet. In fact this rite is 380 years old in the loggia of the Mercato Nuovo Fiorentini. Many foreign tourists are often seen in line to touch the snout of the wild boar in the famous loggia in the historic center of Florence.

The other cities

Another Tuscan city is on our list. In Pisa a lizard with two tails is the protagonist of the popular scaramantico gesture. The animal was carved in the late sixteenth century by the architect Raffaele Pagni and since then it seems to guarantee good luck especially to students.

Going now towards the capital of Italy, Rome, there is a world famous monument that seems to bring good luck. The Trevi Fountain, in the heart of Rome, where it is customary to throw a coin in the monumental eighteenth century basin to fulfill the desire to return to the capital.

Citing instead a non-Italian city, in New York in front of Bowling Green Park on Wall Street, the statue of the bull made in 1989 by Arturo Di Modica. The legend says that, touching the worn bronze attributes, success in business is assured.

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