Egadi Islands in Sicily

The Egadi​

Egadi Islands in Sicily, are present in the westernmost part of Sicily. The three largest and most famous islands that form them are Favignana, Marettimo and Levanzo. These three paradises are very similar to each other but at the same time to be discovered one by one. The crystal clear sea, Mediterranean plants, white beaches and unique landscapes will never make you forget these islands. This archipelago has very ancient origins, so you can discover all the culture. But they are also famous for trekking and sports activities.

At that time these islands were important for tuna fishing. In Favignana it is still possible to observe the “slaughter”, i.e. how tuna were shot and fished. Let us start by describing Marettimo, also called the sacred island. For the ancients this island was considered sacred, its thousand perfumes coming from its coasts because it was surrounded by the rich Mediterranean nature.

Like the smell of thyme, heather and rue. This island gives a lot of things. From the crystal clear waters you can dive and discover its waters. For those who are passionate about archaeology there are many sites to see. Also for lovers of trekking. Very beautiful are also the various caves to visit, we recommend the most famous ones like the Camel, the Bombard and the Crib.

The archipelago

We now move on to the smallest of the islands, Levanzo. Also called the island of graffiti, because you can visit these drawings of 9200 before Christ, in the cave of the Genoese. This island is particularly famous for those who love trekking, due to its geology. In fact, its perimeter does not exceed 15 km so it is possible to visit it all day long with its thousand paths to cross.

Now let’s talk about the most famous island of the Egadi, Favignana. Due to its butterfly shape, it is also called this way. Its sea is really beautiful, with green-blue colours. Cala Azzurra, one of the most famous, south of the island with a beautiful white sandy beach. It also has some rocky coves to visit, the Cala Rossa and Cala del Bue Marino.

But the main thing you won’t forget about this island is its delicious food and wine. Their gastronomy is mainly based on fish dishes. Fish of the day, of the area. In particular, there is tuna cooked in many curious ways. These islands will make you fall in love again with beauty and naturalness.