Botticelli exhibition in Hong Kong

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Botticelli exhibition in Hong Kong

Botticelli exhibition in Hong Kong, the beautiful art show on Sandro Botticelli will be exhibited at the Hong Kong Museum of Art. Thanks to the only sponsor of the exhibition The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, it was possible to send the famous and valuable paintings of the great Italian painter from Florence to Hong Kong. In fact, there was a great collaboration between the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and the Hong Kong museum of art for allowing the transfer of the great works.

Botticelli’s masterpieces have always been kept inside the most famous Italian museum, the Uffizi. But this year 40 pieces have been handed to the museum of Hong Kong, to pay homage to this great artist also on the eastern side.

Botticelli’s exhibition in Hong Kong will be present from October 23, 2020, to February 24, 2021. Inside the special gallery of the Hong Kong art museum, with an entrance price of 30 HKD.

The exhibition

Inside the exhibition, in addition to Botticelli’s masterpieces, we will also find those of Filippo Lippi and other artists of the Renaissance period. The great event that once again embraces Italian culture in Asia is also thanks to the collaboration of the Italian Consulate and Hong Kong and the Chinese – Italian culture society association.

Just this year in fact the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between the Chinese Republic and Italy was celebrated. This is not the first time that Italian art has been brought to Hong Kong. But it underlines the great collaboration between these two states, and the desire of the citizens of Hong Kong to discover Italian art.

In this period when it is not possible to travel, it is beautiful to be able to observe Italian art in Hong Kong, with the same magic of being in Florence at the Uffizi. The Renaissance also corresponds to a very important period in the art world. And thanks to the path inside the exhibition it will be possible to know better this era and get in touch with the artists of the past.