Fellini Festival in Hong Kong

Fellini 100

Fellini festival in Hong Kong, the initiative created by the Italian Consulate in Hong Kong and the International Film HK festival society. This festival and event dedicated to the great Italian director Federico Fellini fall on the centenary of his birth (1920-2020). For this very important date, Fellini 100 in Hong Kong has been organized. His most famous films will be shown in various locations around the city. In total, 24 films of the great director will be broadcast in various locations around the city.

Among the films chosen will be La Strada (1954), Nights of Cabiria (1957), 8½ (1963), Amarcord (1973), La Dolce Vita and Rome (1972). After the screenings of some of the films, after talks will be made by critics or simple fans of the great artist.

The speaker Keeto Lam will speak after the screening of Amarcord. The speaker Tang Siu Wa will speak after the film Roma. While the speaker Giorgio Biancorosso, the professor will speak in general about the magnificent works of the great Italian artist and will retrace his career.

The Films

His first film as the only director was “Lo sceicco Bianco” and then with “I Vitelloni” (1953). With those films, his name crossed national borders and was known abroad. The movie “La dolce vita” (1959), Palme d’Or in Cannes, will further project him on the world scene.

In 1963 he directed ““, written by Ennio Flaiano, and with it won an Oscar for best foreign film and costumes.  Many other successes followed: “Satyricon” (1969). “Amarcord” (1973) in which he poetically revisited his childhood. “Casanova” (1976). “Prova orchestra” (1979). “La Città Delle Donne” (1980). “E la Nave Va” (1980) and “Ginger e Fred” (1985).

His last film was “The Voice of the Moon” (1990). In the spring of 1993, a few months before his death, Fellini received his fifth career, Oscar. Federico Fellini died in Rome for a heart attack on 31 October 1993 at the age of 73.

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