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Gambero Rosso helps the restaurant business

Gambero Rosso magazine

Gambero Rosso helps the restaurant business, and it is a fact that catering establishments in Italy are experiencing a very difficult and delicate moment. Many restaurateurs are experiencing a lack of customers and liquidity on their skin. Who are racking their brains on how to survive and overcome this terrible moment.

In this scenario, an article published in Gambero Rosso has torn the veil, with advice on how to deal with the current emergency, by Marco Lungo, consultant specializing in crisis in the restaurant industry, who has just released the book “Save Your Local!

Marco Lungo’s suggestions are the result of his decades of experience as a manager, restaurateur and specialized consultant, thus condensing practicality and wisdom not common to read. These are the actions that restaurateurs must put in place according to the expert:

1) Not to be forgotten
Customers are the real assets that one risks losing, but one must also remember suppliers, considering that distributors will also have suffered huge losses. Being reminded by them could be crucial when starting up again.

The actions that restaurateurs must put in place according to the expert:

2) Build
It’s time to think about change, to use this moment to think back and correct yourself. Such a long time to think and rethink is impossible to find when you are at work, and it is perhaps the best investment and an intelligent way to exploit this drama.

3) Booking supplies from distributors now
You have to think about recovery right now. For this reason it is advisable to book the necessary supplies to start up again right now, trying to ensure delivery from the distributors.

4)Thinking about change, and the best strategy
Changing the menu, doing something cheaper, combining a different offer with a reduced and less expensive menu. Surely these are the ideas that pass through the mind of the majority of the owners but they are not the best choice to make. Better to add temporary cost elements that, at the end of the emergency, it will be easier to eliminate, without being distorted.

5) Communicating the reopening
Communication remains the key to the proper management of any crisis. Communicating its reopening is therefore crucial. Communication must be prepared in advance, and planning this phase now means not being unprepared, and being remembered by customers before the competition.