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MArta Taranto museum boom of online visits

The Chiara Ferragni effect

MArta Taranto museum boom of online visits, thanks to the support of Chiara Ferragni and Maria Grazia Chiuri, the creative director of the French maison Christian Dior. We have already talked about the beautiful fashion show that took place a few days ago, in Lecce, in the beautiful Salento. Maria Grazia Chiuri decided for the first time to move the fashion show from Paris to a foreign city. And being of Salento origin, she chose her own region to set this show. All the clothes and materials used in the fashion show were also inspired by local craftsmanship.

The Maison Christian Dior has also created mini video documentaries to promote the region of Puglia. And to make the local customs and habits known. The artistic and cultural beauties of the territory. And the traditions of Salento, such as music and crafts.

Thanks to these mini documentaries posted on the instagram page by Chiara Ferragni and Dior, many people have become curious about the local beauties, museums and places.

The museum

This is what happened at the MArta museum in Taranto. In the past few days, thanks to the support of Chiara Ferragni and the French maison, they have had many online visits to the website of the museum in Taranto. They recorded an increase in the museum’s contacts of “4.086% on Facebook, 96% of users on the museum’s website, an above-average engagement rate and the involvement of many very young people on Instagram, and in just 24 hours the attention on the museum and its notoriety have increased significantly”.

This was stated by the museum director Eva Degl’Innocenti, who accompanied the two celebrities on their visit to the museum. In fact, this Salento museum was previously less known to the general public. It has one of the largest collections of gold of Magna Graecia.

The same golds present at the museum have in turn inspired the haute couture parade of Christian Dior occurred a few days ago in Lecce.