New Netflix movie with Sophia Loren

" The life ahead"

New Netflix movie with Sophia Loren, in fact, a new film with the famous Italian actress has been released on the digital platform. The title of the film is “The Life Ahead” and the director is the same son of the actress Edoardo Ponti. This film represents a very important step for the Oscar-winning actress because she had not appeared in a new film for more than 10 years. But Loren wanted to choose the right moment before reappearing and choose a theme dear to her.

The protagonist of the film is Madama Rosa and she is played by Sophia Loren. The protagonist is a Holocaust survivor who takes care of children in need. And the film’s plot revolves around the relationship between her and a twelve-year-old boy who adopts him after he robs her.

Moreover, the central theme of the film is the encounter between different cultures. In fact, the child that Madama Rosa takes care of is Muslim. And it is the director Edoardo Ponti who wanted to talk about the dynamics between different cultures and the fear of the different, with this film he wants to sensitize the public to this issue now bulky in Italy and in the world.

The Netflix movie

Moreover, the character Madama Rosa is a survivor of the Second World War. At the same time, she herself suffered a strong hatred towards her race. And 80 years later the theme has not changed, it is only seen in a different key. Sophia Loren immediately approached the protagonist of the film.

Because she herself saw the war together with her family and lived very difficult years during the post-war depression. The actress herself says “Madame Rosa’s hardness and fragility are those of my mother, the tragedy I experienced on my skin”.

Sophia Loren herself is also happy with the message that she wants to pass the film, about diversity and acceptance towards the different. Another important theme that transpires from the film is that of the Family, which is not given only by blood or DNA but by love. For this reason, the family can be created anywhere, even outside of marriage and with different dynamics.

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