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Orestiadi Gibellina Foundation reopens

The Foundation

Orestiadi Gibellina Foundation reopens, the museum had been closed during the pandemic and from June 26th they decided to reopen it but with a novelty. In fact the museum will have a different structure and will allow to visit it outside. This moment has forced contemporary art museums around the world to reinvent the way they visit and redesign their collective activities. Thus proposing open spaces and activities that can be realized in the open air. The foundation for the first exhibition since its reopening offers an entirely open-air exhibition itinerary through the places that have made it one of the most evocative sites in the whole of Sicily.

The title of the exhibition will be “Open Air Museum”, to symbolize the internal change that there has been for the pandemic. In this exhibition will also pay tribute to the founder Ludovico Corrao. In fact, the inauguration of this year’s exhibition falls on the exact day of the founder’s birth. In 1968, after the earthquake, it was Corrao who made the utopia of the city of artists concrete.

Among the various artists Burri, Consagra, Accardi, Isgrò, Pomodoro, Paladino, Nunzio, Schifano and also Quaroni, Venezia, Mendini, Purini, Levi, Damiani, Sciascia, Dolci, Buttitta. And also Joseph Beuys, Robert Wilson, Philip Glass, Thierry Salmon, Boetti, Scialoja, Turcato. Finally Necrosius, Kusturica, Cage, Pennisi, Kokkos, Giovanna Marini, Zavattini, Zavoli. These are just some of the artists who have participated in the foundation.

The exhibition

Speaking instead of the exhibition currently opened. We can have the pleasure to observe in the main courtyard of the exhibition, the famous “Salt Mountain” by Mimmo Paladino. The work was created by the artist in 1990. You can also admire “The man with a load of moons” by Enzo Cucchi, placed in the garden among secular palm trees. The marble installation by the English artist Peter Briggs, the “Mother Church” of the couple Ben Jacober and Yannick Vu. And the soft bronze parables of “Siderale” by Michele Cossyro.

The path also allows you to see the beautiful house where the exhibition is located. In fact the inner courtyards are beautiful and also the interiors of the baronial house cannot be missed. Today the house is home to the Museum of Mediterranean Plots under the direction of Achille Bonito Oliva. So if you are on holiday in Sicily or you live on this beautiful island you absolutely must visit this contemporary art exhibition.