The 70 years of Renato Zero

The Italian David Bowie

The 70 years of Renato Zero, the great Italian singer will celebrate his 70 years soon and all Italy will celebrate with him. Perhaps Renato Zero can be considered the most outrageous and exuberant Italian artist ever. On September 30 he will celebrate his 70 years, full of success of a very long career. For this very important date, he decided to release an album. “Zerosettanta – Volume Three” with this album Renato Zero has decided to celebrate with his fans. With the early release of the single “L’Angelo Ferito”.

The album is composed of three volumes, the first will be released on his birthday on September 30th. While the other two to follow, on October 30 and November 30. In total with the three volumes, we will reach 40 tracks, a crazy number. In these tracks, he will cover all the milestones of his musical career.

Among his most beloved themes we will find faith, which has always been a fundamental subject, then his love for his fans, among the most passionate and dedicated. Then we will talk about the different forms that love can take, and also about the current situation of the pandemic.

Life and Career

The presentation of the album in fact and ‘was made via zoom with an audience of music journalists. In the various volumes, you will also see different collaborations. Starting with the production and arrangements of Phil Palmer, Alan Clark and ending with the contribution of Maestro Adriano Pennino.

In the Italian television, two days before the birthday of the great artist will be broadcast the concert of Renato Zero “Zero Il Folle” from the auditorium of Assago. The career of Renato Zero goes through six very long decades. His music has always remained in the crest of the wave and in fact, has sold more than 40 million copies. Thus becoming the most successful Italian artist.

His career began in the 60s when he was very young. As a young man, he decided to leave his studies to dedicate himself immediately to the world of the arts. In 1965 he recorded his first songs “Tu”, “Sì”, “Il deserto”, “La solitudine”. But it was in the 70’s that his career took off. In those years he was also accused of emulating David Bowie and Marc Bolan. His style has always been very androgynous and with ambiguous sexuality.

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