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Vacation Bonus in Italy how to apply

Vacation Bonus

Vacation bonus in Italy, it does not seem true, but it is possible to request to the Italian Revenue Agency the holiday bonus 2020. This bonus can be up to 500 euros. This project was established by the government for families who struggled most economically during the pandemic. And also for families whose income does not exceed 40,000 euros. This government program allows the most needy families to enjoy part of the holidays in Italy. Also to relaunch tourism in the Italian peninsula.

To apply for the holiday bonus is only possible from July 1 until December 31, 2020, so it covers the whole year. The bonus will then be applied to hotel accommodations that agree to participate in this project. The bonus is divided into three bands:
– 500 euros for a group of three or more people.
– 300 euros for two people.
– 150 euros from one person.

Below we will explain how to access the bonus and try to get it. First, the bonus will be given in digital form, so you don’t have to print sheets, and you can take it anywhere on your smartphone. Just show it to the host. When you have to pay for your stay directly at the property where you choose to spend your holiday.

The project

The other guidelines to get the bonus and how to behave when you are in possession of the bonus.
– Can only be used by one member of the household, even if different from the person who requested it.
– It can be spent in a single solution, at a single tourist accommodation facility in Italy. (hotel, camping, holiday village, agriturismo and bed & breakfast).
– In the measure of 80% it can be used, in the form of an immediate discount. For the payment of the services provided by the hotelier.
– The remaining 20% can be downloaded as a tax deduction, at the time of tax declaration. By the member of the family to whom the document of expenditure of the stay (invoice, commercial document, receipt / receipt).

So the Italian government has created an initiative to support families to try to overcome this crisis as soon as possible and help them enjoy their holidays. After the stressful period that all the people have gone through around the world. Taking a holiday in their own country and rediscovering their culture seems a good solution. This period allows us to rediscover things we took for granted and enjoy our country.