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Valle D’Aosta and its natural beauty

The northern Italian region

Valle D’Aosta and its natural beauty, if this summer you want to enjoy a holiday surrounded by greenery and nature this region is for you. Valle D’Aosta is particularly known during the winter period, for the fantastic places to go skiing and its always snowy mountains. But if this year you are looking for an alternative holiday with the usually crowded beaches and the heat, then we recommend this wonderful place. You will be surrounded by unique mountain landscapes, many mountain trails, nature reserves and fantastic views. After the period of great stress given by the pandemic that has affected the whole world, we need to stay in vast spaces full of greenery to recharge our batteries.

The beautiful walks, indicated by high and low mountain paths are outdoor activities to do with the whole family. Both adults and kids will enjoy breathtaking views, animals and natural beauty. Valle D’Aosta to face the crisis has launched its summer tourism season 2020 which will include many activities.

Your evenings in this beautiful region will be full of surprises, like the many concerts scheduled. Among the singers who will perform are Diodato, Brunori sas, Elodie and Niccolò Fabi. All these concerts will take place outdoors during the event ‘Musicastelle outdoor’.

The activities

Valle D’Aosta with its proximity to Switzerland also expects many foreign tourists, even after the opening of the borders. Moreover, for some time now all the ski lifts and downhill facilities such as cable cars have reopened so that tourists can move around easily and reach the mountain paths.

Also, the refuges in the high and low mountains have reopened, to accommodate all hungry tourists after the big hikes. In addition, all-mountain guides will be active in the place, to help tourists, as well as hoteliers, are working to reopen the hotels according to the rules dictated by Covid.

Also in the late afternoon if you need to relax after a busy day of walking or exploring the mountains the thermal baths have reopened. The famous Pré-Saint-Didier thermal baths are particularly worth mentioning. And the unique excitement of Skyway Mont Blanc by cable car that allows you to reach Punta Helbronner, at 3,466 meters above sea level. And for avid gamblers or those who want to try their luck for an evening, the Casino de Saint-Vincent reopens. In Cervinia from the end of June, it is possible to practice summer skiing, an activity that is capturing the hearts of many people.